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Integrated Manufacturing System

You are probably aware that thousands of manufacturing businesses, large and small, throughout the world have benefitted from adopting lean production methods developed by Toyota in the 1950s and expanded subsequently by many others ever since.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing and the implementation of the techniques of Lean Production and the Toyoya Production System (TPS).

A key aspect of this is that all aspects and functions within your business are inter-related and therefore they will all be touched by your business transformation into a leaner fitter organisation. Everyone in your organisation therefore contributes to your “Integrated Manufacturing System”.

Improving Manufacturing

Although transforming your business will require learning to use new tools, techniques and measures. At the heart of your transformation are people and giving your people the ability to think of their business in new and different ways.

Applying lean techniques is not just something you can bolt onto your business without changing the way you think about your business, that suddenly, like waving a magic wand will change everything and you save money.

“Lean is a state of mind.”

Implementation Steps

  1. We offer an initial a week’s review and assesment of your manufacturing methods, measures and organisation and deliver a detailed report and presentation of the findings.
  2. Having identified your current state, we can offer a taylored set of recommendations, priorities and alternative implementation options to allow you to decide how you want to roll out your business’s transformation and how deep you want to go.
  3. An important step is the identification of one of your management team to be the “Lean Champion”. Their roll is to oversee the change, monitor progress and sustain the programme and legacy plan after we have left.

Subject to the extent of the programme you choose, we will deliver:

To discuss how we can help you make your business more productive, leaner and more efficient please give us a call to arrage a meeting to discuss what we are able to offer you.

Please note; we are fully committed until November 2019.

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